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How to Scrape Chinese Web at a Large Scale – Real Case from DataOx

Not so long ago, price differentiation was a workable strategy to build brand awareness and attract more clients. Today, the competition between online retail platforms has become much more heated, branching out far beyond pricing and centering around product data and reviews that influence everything from inventory management to marketing and sales strategies. To beat competition in the e-commerce sphere is impossible without large-scale data scraping.

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Web Crawling vs Web Scraping – Understanding the Difference

So, what is the difference between web scraping and web crawling? This is a question that customers who hire web data scraping services often ask. And actually, as these two concepts are kind of similar, and go hand in hand while gathering data from the web, it is difficult to identify the difference. Find out more about each method and their differences on the DataOx blog.

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Mobile App Scraping Services for IOS and Android

Find out why mobile apps are an indispensable part of modern business and see how the mobile app scraping service from DataOx can help you earn success in your industry.

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How to Extract Meta Data – Scrape Meta Titiles and Descriptions Easy

The meta and description tags attract readers to a website from the search engine results, which is a significant part of search marketing. So, by scraping meta data of your competitors, you can identify their click-through rate potential and make a valuable analysis. Keep reading to find out why to scrape title tags and meta descriptions and use meta data scraper.

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free web scraping tools

Free Web Scraping Tools – Online Crawling Tools and Services

To look for the required data manually takes a lot of time and seems annoying. But there is a method to automate this work, and it is known as web scraping. So, you may ask, but is there any chance to get it for free? Keep reading to learn more about web scraping methods, their actual cost, and what free web scraping tools are available in the market.

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