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Brand Monitoring on the Internet

Brand reputation monitoring deals with observing and scraping (parsing) your brand-related data through available internet resources — global and local news, e-commerce and review platforms, web forums, social media, and more. By scraping, combining, and analyzing the required info, businesses can benefit in many ways. Based on accurate sentiment analysis, they can deeply understand how people respond to realized marketing campaigns and how they feel about the brand on an emotional level. Afterwards, they can estimate the actual brand sentiment and adjust customer service and marketing strategies to improve their reputation and enhance brand visibility.
Brand Monitoring on the Internet
Automated brand monitoring services are an intelligent way to track mentions about the brand through web sources, collect data based on keywords related to business, and keep for future analysis. No matter how specific data needs to be extracted, thanks to flexibility and scalability of these services, clients receive them in organized and manageable formats. Most services enable the practice of social media management and use social media analytics to track brand mentions, industry, competitors or other related keywords on social channels. The metrics are used to fix valuable insights about audience awareness, engagement and reactions in social platforms, thus enabling them to respond to negative feedback. Through monitoring your brand via social media, you can immediately draw an initial picture of your buying persona. DataOx makes business reputation monitoring easy. We offer variable web crawling services and solutions to collect and process your brand-relevant data, like brand mentions on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), news websites, reviews aggregators, and so on.

The Opportunities of Brand Monitoring on the Internet

Staying informed

By keeping track of all the information about your products and services on the internet and social media, you can get a profound insight into consumer behavior and the attitude toward your company, in particular. Whether you are a small business or a multinational brand, you need to keep up with communications. Be informed to stay ahead of the curve!
Opportunities of Brand Monitoring

Monitoring your web presence

Modern-day consumers prefer real user feedback and trust their original opinions more than official reviews and company info. Monitoring your brand data will help you get a crystal-clear understanding of how your brand is represented online and ultimately treated by your customers. Since people choose to interact on online platforms, reputation management companies use social media and SEO tactics to achieve their goals. To keep your brand reputation healthy, monitor the public perception of your brand across the whole web: social platforms, online forums or review sites, online news media and blog platforms.

Managing your business’s online reputation

Online reputation can either make or break a brand. If the client doesn’t trust your brand reputation, doing business is impossible—that’s why investing in reputation management today will empower your marketing campaigns and sales tomorrow. It is essential to monitor continuously and take corresponding measures to either enhance your services and optimize products or get rid of fraudulent reviews and opinion-spamming by ill-wishers. Today, reputation management mainly happens online, as it is the easiest way to get essential feedback from your audience by using social media monitoring tools.

Checking your competitive position

Digital brand monitoring provides insight into your company’s position in the market, your targeted segment, and how you fare among competitors. Through monitoring services, you can track which keywords your competitors are using and research their most shared content, monitor their social activity and how they are positioning themselves. You will have your competitors SWOT analysis at once. With this information, you can take measures to strengthen your brand image and gain a competitive edge in your field.

Getting customer insight

Even if you do not agree with feedback or complaints regarding your brand or products, this helps you keep an eye on potential risks and overcome them before getting out of control. Tracking reputation over social media and other web sources can give you an in-depth look into your customer base, which may be effectively used to further enhance your business prospects. By gaining a holistic image of your audience, you can start creating more effective business strategies.

Consumer satisfaction and sales enhancement

Reputation monitoring and taking sufficient follow-up actions will automatically help your business build trust and brand loyalty. Based on your customers’ reviews, you can easily identify the pain points of your product or service and make necessary improvements to increase audience trust and show how you care about your customers’ feedback. When you respond to reviews or comments, you demonstrate your interest. When your customers are satisfied and share their positive attitude, it often results in a consequent increase in sales and profit. This is how brand loyalty grows.

How to Choose a Brand Monitoring Service

Now that you know how important brand monitoring is, the next step is to understand what service best suits your business needs.

Define your goals

The goal of every brand monitoring service is to have a complete view of your brand, pave the way for effective brand management and establish a better business development strategy. You need to decide your exact goals. Do you need to track social networks and review sites, or you are interested in influencer monitoring? Do you want to identify only negative feedback and complaints to fix them in the early stage, or do you need to learn more about your competitors?

Get to know the points

While choosing the service that will best suit your requirements, have a look at key points that should cover any brand monitoring solution:
  • Manageable data formats – Data scraped from the web is unstructured and mostly unusable, so be sure that you will be provided with clear and structured data in manageable formats.
  • Anti-scraping tools – Many web sources may prevent getting the required data, so a good service provider should practice anti-scraping systems.
  • Scalability – Your brand reputation monitoring service provider should offer you seamless web crawling service regardless of your data needs.
  • Flexibility – The modification and optimization changes in websites that you are tracking should not affect the quality of the data. Even if the changes are at the structural level, you should not deal with such issues.

Set up your budget

Data is priceless․ By using brand monitoring, you invest in your time, reputation, and business overall. So, while planning your budget, evaluate how much time and money you spend on various marketing research and competitor analysis. You will be surprised how profitable it is to invest in data collecting through monitoring services and build up your marketing strategies based on these insights. Keep in mind that the pricing options of provided services may vary based on your needs and add-ons included in the package.

Try and compare

Companies offering brand monitoring services are happy to demonstrate their products in actions or give you a free consultation. Take your time to study 2-3 of them or talk with their experts to find the most suitable. Start with DataOx!

DataOx Brand Monitoring Solutions

There are manifold tools for brand health monitoring, ranging from manual solutions to fully automated ones. We offer our clients mainly automated, custom-built solutions that meet the requirements of their particular businesses and are configured to serve their specific needs. Another option is data delivery—we provide data with mentions of your brand on the web on a regular basis. If you want to start tracking your brand reputation, schedule a free consultation with our web scraping expert to get a clear picture of your project and a quote!
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023