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The intelligent approach to web data helps modern businesses make better decisions to enhance their efficiency and performance. You can receive reliable up-to-date datasets from the web, with the help of effective instruments, developed for that very purpose. You are free to choose a custom development or an off-the-shelf solution.
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About data scraping Dexi tool

Dexi Basics Screenshot is a scraping tool for professionals. It quickly provides accurate datasets for profound analysis and insights. Processing advanced technology solutions allows entrepreneurs to make practical data-driven decisions that entail their companies’ performance and efficiency growth. features

Dexi web scraping solution key features are:
  • web crawling and scraping,
  • mining web data,
  • data processing, monitoring, and parsing,
  • IP addresses scraping capability,
  • image extraction,
  • contact details extraction,
  • content aggregation,
  • research management, and more.
Dexi Data Types Screenshot
Dexi solution offers users a visual editor. With it, even those who cannot code can easily handle web automation tasks. Besides, it's connected to an API, so it’s as easy as click and accept.
Dexi API Screenshot
The software runs the robots created by users, relieving the latter from the need to set up a server or a scheduler. The tool allows multifaceted third party integrations with cloud storages, captcha solvers, and more. Multiple tutorials, documentation, and videos make Dexi setup and management simple and clear. In case you still encounter problems with the Dexi tool, support knows their stuff and are eager to help you out.

Dexi pricing

Dexi offers a free trial, which does not require credit card details from a user, and 3 paid pricing plans based on a monthly subscription. Find costs per month below:
  • Standard – for 1 worker — 119 USD
  • Professional – for 3 workers — 399 USD
  • Corporate – for 6 workers — 699 USD

Who can benefit from the Dexi web scraping solution?

Dexi software is suitable for many different tasks, since it’s easy to get started and operate. It serves the following needs especially well:
  • retail,
  • research,
  • background checks,
  • tech industries brands monitoring,
  • banking,
  • and even the government.

Dexi Drawbacks

  • At present, the tool meets the minimum requirements for an automated data scraping tool; however, it lacks some advanced functionality.
  • Besides, to run the tool you have to install Dexi’s custom browser, and sometimes things do not work the same way.
  • Unfortunately, the Dexi API lacks support for many things that could theoretically be done with it.


Dexi may be a suitable tool for simple tasks, but for complex projects requiring data scraping, there is a risk of failure. Keep in mind that the software you purchase for data scraping should meet the needs of your specific project and business on the whole. DataOx offers a free consultation to any person interested in data scraping tools or services. Schedule a meeting with our expert and make sure you make the right choice.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Wed Apr 19 2023