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There are so many reasons to scrape data from the Internet, and the reliance on web data is often really critical. That’s why it’s vital to have a reliable tool that is capable of obtaining the data you need, whenever you need it.
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We are excited to offer a Content Grabber review to our readers. This will not only help businesses harvest sensitive information, but it is also useful for those companies that want to create, package, and sell their own data scraping offerings.

About Content Grabber

Content Grabber has a visual point-and-click editor interface and advanced features. The tool allows users to customize its interface and manage the workflow of data extraction.
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Key features

The major features of the Content Grabber solution are
  • being cloud-based,
  • agent logging capability,
  • scripting abilities,
  • error handling,
  • agent debugger.
The advanced functionality we’d mention is:
  • scheduling possibility,
  • management tools for proxies,
  • script libraries,
  • notifications.
The tool’s scheduling facility allows users to run the scraping sessions at predetermined time slots, every hour, every day, every month, and so on. Content Grabber allows users to follow the simple methods of macro automation or to take direct control over the commands and elements within your agent. The agent is a collection of commands — either actions or data capture instructions — that are executed in series until completed. The macro approach records the user actions in a browser and is more user-friendly. What’s more, this software can be integrated with third-party analytics solutions, applications for data transformation, or reporting.


Content Grabber Pricing starts from 69 USD per month for a server version. The professional version will cost 149 USD per month and the Premium solution is 299 USD. Yearly payment plans are more advantageous, at 449, 995, and 2495 USD, respectively. A user can study product documentation or contact content grabber for support through email or phone.

Data outputs

Content Grabber saves the scraped information locally and can export the gathered data as a report in an Excel file, CSV, XML, or database SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and OleDB.
Content Grabber Data Output formats


Though the company positions its product as a suitable option for businesses and companies that develop scraping solutions and provide services, we advise you to consult a web data scraping expert before purchasing it. At DataOx, consultation is free and can be scheduled for a convenient time. We believe that a custom solution is usually a better and more effective choice. With custom tools, you pay only for the features you really need.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Wed Apr 19 2023