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With this article, we aim to facilitate the choice of those who need to gather, structure, and analyze data for whatever purpose and offer a Diffbot review to our readers. So, let’s look a bit into its core functionality and find out how it turns the process of harvesting data from the internet into a seamless task.

What Is Diffbot?

Having studied various reviews of Diffbot software, we have come to the conclusion that it offers an efficient ground-breaking suite of web scraping solutions, which help to mine, extract and turn unstructured data into structured, contextual datasets.
Diffbot Logo
The company claims that Diffbot software is able to parse billions of internet pages daily and is trusted by many developers, business professionals, marketing and sales teams, and even some of the Fortune 500 companies, such as eBay, Adobe, StumbleUpon, Bing, and more.

How Diffbot Works?

The products are built off of the natural language processing solutions and innovative machine vision. Diffbot AI technology along with a set of APIs allows performing web mining or extraction in an automated way.
How Diffbot Works?
So, if you have questioned yourself how Diffbot training occurs, you may be sure no training, complex configuration, or rule creation is needed to execute a scraping job with this advanced tool. All the user needs is just to set the tool up and start the process, the software will do all the work.

What Are Diffbot Outstanding Features?

Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph

Diffbot has managed to create the largest global contextual database — Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph. The knowledge graph comprises over a trillion detailed “facts” about 10 billion entities (people, articles, products, organizations, and much more) linked up into contextual databases. It highlights interrelated facts and information, showing the relationships between entities. So valuable insights, flexibility, and agility may be quicker achieved with the Diffbot’s graph.

Automatic Web Pages Analysis

With a special API, Diffbot tests promptly the web pages available, identifies their type, and classifies them. According to the result, the pages are automatically routed to the appropriate API for data extraction. With Diffbot API connectors, a user can easily analyze information, grab metadata from threads, extract images, and videos from any web page. The rules in the Diffbot API Toolkit can optionally include Search/Replace filters. These are regex Diffbot operators that allow the end-users to make the necessary alterations to the returned output. The key Diffbot API types to mention are:
  • Article API,
  • Discussion API,
  • Image API,
  • Video API,
  • Product API.
What is more, Diffbot Python API reference allows users to identify and extract the significant details of any web page in Python. To learn more, see this Advanced Tutorial from Diffbot oficial YuoTube channel.


The best Diffbot integrations available in 2020 are with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Diffbot excel connector allows not only to organize your spreadsheet data quickly and properly but also to organize and analyze the data you’ve parsed and added directly from photos. Connect Diffbot to google sheets and enjoy all the features this SaaS offers to the users:
  • templates,
  • multi-user collaboration,
  • calculators,
  • audit trails,
  • and much more.
Besides, you can connect Diffbot products with Tableau, Wufoo, Pubhub, and DronaHQ.

What Are Diffbot Pricing Plans?

Having studied various reviews of Diffbot software, we have come to the conclusion that it offers an efficient ground-breaking suite of web scraping solutions, which help to mine, extract and turn unstructured data into structured, contextual datasets.
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Custom Pricing
Monthly Credits 10, 000 Monthly Credits 250, 000 Monthly Credits 1, 000, 000 Monthly Credits 2, 000, 000+
Pre Additional Credit N/A Pre Additional Credit $.001 Pre Additional Credit $.0009 Pre Additional Credit $.00085
User License 1 User License 1 User License 3 User License 5+

What is Diffbot Applicable for?

Diffbot is a powerful software solution, leveraging the World Wide Web to help businesses and teams with data mining tasks. Developers can use Diffbot tools to create content for the mobile apps they are creating. Marketing teams can use Diffbot for market research, lead generation, target audiences outreach, and brand or product/service sentiment analysis. Sales teams can take advantage of applying Diffbot to make competitor analysis and monitor pricing changes across big marketplaces and eCommerce websites. Recruitment teams can benefit from Diffbot usage with hiring purposes, it may be helpful to find the right candidates and to verify the applicants’ information.


Every company has its peculiar business demands and reviews on Diffbot software may help each one find the solutions to meet their needs. Still, DataOx experts consider that purchasing an all-in-one business solution may result that it will mismatch all the aspects the company requires. To make a well-weight choice, study the product’s core and optional features carefully, or schedule a free consultation with our expert to find out all the slightest details.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Wed Apr 19 2023