Financial Data Scraping

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Scraping Financial Data and Using It in Different Contexts

Finances are always about money, investments, trends, and instability. Every person working in the financial field realizes the importance of accurate information for getting the latest from the financial world to make effective business decisions.
Financial Scraping
The volume of data can be enormous. While a decision should be prompt, so data extraction and analysis should be automated to bring value to your business. That’s where data scraping comes to financial experts’ rescue. With reliable datasets, you can figure out the current trends, spot risks, stay up-to-date as to rates, stocks, news, and make a profit.

Why Scrape Financial Sites?

The internet is full of resources and allows free access to valuable financial data that has the potential to turn financial issues upside down. By scraping and analyzing information from financial sites, you can use it for a stock price and market sentiment toward stock forecasting, investment plans generation, cryptocurrency transactions, and much more.
Financial Data Scraping

Which data can be obtained through financial scraping?

Financial sources can offer value in terms of the following details:
  • best stock bid/ask
  • earnings per share
  • share volume
  • 50 day average daily volume
  • 1 year target
  • market cap
  • current yield
  • open/close date
  • open/close price
  • and much more
Since financial data is the most volatile, it is complicated to work with and requires constant updates. Regular scraping helps you keep up with it continuously.

What are the purposes of financial data scraping?

Profitable stock trading

Stock trading on the web depends on the market to a great extent. Through parsing the changing market trends and stock prices, market predictions are made easier, and purchase or sale of stocks is possible for maximal profits.

Venture capital investigation

To make the right data-backed strategic decision as to investment and funding of a start-up, new or small business, it’s reasonable to monitor and scrape data from business and product profiling platforms like TechCrunch and VentureBeat or related portfolio companies.

Sentiment analysis

This comes in handy to organizations that want to analyze the state of the market. Scraping information in financial and business domains, news platforms, social media publications, and tweets can provide the scraper with a greater understanding of current market trends.

Equity research

The research of equity is helpful to a company’s evaluation of its stock purchasing or selling. Thus, banks, financial advisors, and investors research information on dedicated pages of the official sites, in the investor relations sections or financial reports, to gain insights into the company’s financial strength and reasonability of investment.

Regulatory compliance check

To avoid investment and business risks, you should be aware of corresponding government schemes and policies. Scrape information from news platforms and government resources for real-time updates.

Who is financial data scraping for?

Many fields need financial data scraping. The most significant specialists are:
  • investors
  • financial advisors
  • risk analysis experts
  • financial news sites’ journalists

Why Choose DataOX for Financial Data Scraping?

Collecting data from the web can be tricky because sites often get updated, but DataOx can always quickly and efficiently parse data from reliable sources all over the web. By outsourcing financial data scraping to DataOx, you receive a cost-effective service performed by a professional team. We know very well that efficient decision-making in the financial sphere relies on pools of data that are accurate, up-to-date, and properly structured. As such, we provide only high-quality datasets to our clients. We deal with big data, which is impossible to scrape manually, and make it easy to use for our customers. Thus, they can spend their time, efforts, and resources on more important and practical tasks. DataOx also develops custom scraping tools that our clients can use to their advantage. We take care of all the technical issues surrounding their installation, support, and maintenance. We always work in compliance with laws and regulations and never get our clients into any legal problems. If you are interested in experiencing the immense potential of financial data scraping, schedule a free consultation with a DataOx expert and choose the option that best suits your needs.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023