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Google Trends is a technology launched by Google over a decade ago. It provides the relative popularity of a particular term or phrase over a given period across languages and regions, as well as some related details, like search volume index and geolocation. It also works well for comparative keywords research. Such information is valuable for researchers, marketers, and SEO specialists — it’s no wonder they continue to seek quick and effective ways of gaining access to it. The easiest way to get information is to parse it, and Google Trends scraping is the fastest and most fruitful way to collect the data you need. It’s an automated process of data gathering, that helps users gain access to information for instant analysis.
Scraping Google Trends allows you to get a list of the most popular keywords in your sphere of interest, as well as their ranks, and search frequencies (even on a daily basis). Up-to-the-minute market trends can be explored across Google, Image, and News Searches, as well as Google Shopping, or on YouTube. The parsed search terms can also be compared across different languages, localities, and periods of time to figure out which are most relevant for your purposes.
Google Trends
Scraping Google Trends results allows marketers to understand the long-term impact of these shifts and use it to their advantage. Current search trends analysis helps to identify up-to-date consumer needs and focus on shifts in their behavior.
Scraping Google Trends data is helpful for:
  • Finding out which items have most demand
  • Comprehension of keyword ranking on searches to improve SEO
  • Measuring your brand awareness and reputation
  • Estimation of competitors’ popularity and search ranking
  • Knowing which vendors perform best
  • Identifying the hottest new markets
  • More personalized approach to your target audience
Google Trends Scraping
Analyzing certain metrics could help you focus on the most profitable items. A product with a higher search volume and bigger margin is likely to produce more sales and bring higher profit in a shorter period. Through Google Trends scraping, merchandisers can figure out which items are most beneficial to their business and target ads in specific regions accordingly. Google Trends insights allow for better planning and more informed budgeting of your marketing and advertising campaigns, which can then be more locally tailored.
When scraping Google Trends data atour clients’ request, we accurately tailor all metrics according to the target business’s specific needs. We offer regular scraping services and provide results at an agreed-upon frequency. Our clients get only the most relevant data, as we clear away any unnecessary information. Through our custom software tool for Google Trends scraping, the DataOx team considers all the nuances and metrics of our clients’ business. We tailor cutting edge solutions for data scraping, take care of all tech aspects, and provide training to our customer staff if necessary. If you are interested in Google Trends scraping but want to know more about it, schedule a free consultation with our expert and we’ll make everything crystal clear.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023