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Instagram Scraping — Unique Data from a Unique Audience

With over 800 million users, more than half of which visit the network daily, Instagram is today a mighty giant of social media and has a significant influence on our lives and interests. Its short and unstructured informal texts (along with hundreds of millions of photos) published each day provide an ideal dataset for various research and analysis.
Instagram Scraping
Instagram data scraping is useful and beneficial for various purposes. Its audience is often unique, meaning they don’t use other social media networks. Such users often engage with businesses and brands on Instagram much more, and it allows you to interact with and learn from them.

Why Scrape Instagram?

Instagram attracts people with its multifaceted topics and unites individuals according to a variety of interests: traveling, fitness, fashion, food, and more. About 80% of Instagrammers follow at least one business. This makes them far more receptive to messaging from brands than the users of other platforms. Thus, this social network has high marketing potential and is the best place to collect data for sentiment analysis.
Why Scrape Instagram?
In addition to scraping images on Instagram, you can also get lists of other people’s posts, comments on particular photos and posts, lists of publications with specific hashtags, and more. If you have e-commerce business in any sphere, Instagram is your best asset to extract information.

To better know your audience

On Instagram, you can explore users according to geotags and hashtags. It allows you to understand the demographics, interests, and preferences of your target audience. For instance, with a particular hashtag that relates to your business or product, it is possible to parse all the recent posts and get the contact information of the authors.

To find influencers

Instagram scraping provides insight on the influencer profile URL, number of followers, post details, comments, likes, and more.

To optimize marketing policy

By scraping the lists of followers of the popular accounts in your sphere and detecting the time of your potential audience’s peak activity, you can schedule your posts and targeted ads to maximize opportunities for interaction with your customers. Scraping competitor or influencer stories allows you to see the reactions to certain advertisement types and user engagement. Then you can modify your ads accordingly.

To manage reputation

Monitor what people say about your business on Instagram to keep your image and reputation clean through service-quality enhancement and possibly real-time support.

To research competitors, partners, and suppliers

Commercial accounts on Instagram publicly share their contact details like locations, phone numbers, emails, and business categories so anyone can scrape this public data. The other purposes of scraping worth mentioning in the context of Instagram are:
  • To detect trends and popular content
  • To improve user recommendations
  • To monitor brand sentiment
Besides commercial needs, Instagram scraping can be used for academic research, social investigations, and politics.

Why Choose DataOx for Instagram Scraping?

  • We parse public information about users, locations, hashtags, and more.
  • We clean and preprocess the information scraped for analysis and interpretation.
  • We send the data according to your requests and solve technical issues.
  • We provide meaningful data to our clients, and you can choose the convenient format — CSV, XML, or JSON — via different delivery methods or databases.
  • We design custom digital solutions and, taking into account each and every client requirement, provide maintenance, support, and training on request.
If you need Instagram data scraping services or a software tool but still have doubts or questions — schedule a short free consultation with our expert.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023