Lead Generation Marketing: Workable Tactics and Steps to Create a Strategy

Learn what lead generation marketing is, as well as its modern strategies & tactics. Find out the key steps to create an effective lead generation campaign for your business and craft a workable strategy.
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Businesses can’t grow without clients, and to attract clients, a business needs to build a sales funnel. Marketers are the key figures who stand by the funnel and feed it through the top. To make it effective, specific lead generating marketing strategies should be used and applied according to business aims, values, and processes. The sad statistics say that although 85% of marketing experts acknowledge lead generation tactics as the most significant element in their arsenal, only 42% of entrepreneurs have active plans in force. Today we have prepared hints for you to help improve the situation.

What Is Lead Generation in Marketing?

Lead generation
Let’s find out what is lead generation in marketing and learn how to engage and capture the attention of your target audience, turning them into leads and making potential customers take a step to enter your sales cycle. Below, you can find some tactics to use — keep in mind that modern advertising platforms and advanced technologies have benefited greatly by shifting from old-style media sources to the digital domain. Here are some tactics for effective marketing lead generation campaigns and the steps you should follow:

Steps to Create a Workable Lead Generation Marketing Campaign

1. Define your target clients

Every trade has its specifics, so you only need the segment of your potential audience that is in tune with your business and can really become you consistent customer base. To define who your real targets are, research. Start with your current consumers. Scrape data about them, interview them, ask for feedback, find out their background, goals, challenges, and major pains they face. With all this information in mind, you will have a clear picture of what tactics you should use, which messaging to choose, and which traffic channels to prioritize.

2. Set goals for your campaign

Marketing for lead generation should have a visual goal, criteria, and benchmarks. You should clearly know what number of visits you expect, how many leads you want, what conversion rate you’re aiming for, etc. You should also have an exact timeframe for reaching the desired results. Additionally, keep track of your outcomes, estimate your intermediate results, and adjust your tactics if necessary to hit the initial goals.

3. Form an offer to attract your ideal customer

Once upon a time, giving stuff away for free online became a workable lead generation marketing tactic, but common e-books, checklists, or white papers do not work as well as they used to. Consumers have become more selective, and now you must be really helpful to your prospects to catch leads Each stage of the customer journey has specific content that works best to generate leads. White papers, sites, and online events should be used at the consideration stage, while research reports, case studies, and videos are most motivating for purchase. It’s essential to remember that not only content engages—free consultations and tools can also become perfect lead magnets, motivating consumers to dive deeper into the question.
Socials awareness

4. Design a perfect landing

A post-click landing comes in when you try to convince your target clients to make the first step and download your content or take advantage of your free offer. To be persuasive enough, it should contain the following elements:
  • A benefit-focused headline (users should immediately see what benefit they may get)
  • Some engaging media (pictures, images, infographics, and videos capture attention, so use them to convey information)
  • Skimmable copy (keep text to a minimum, break it up in blocks and small paragraphs, write with bullet points, outline the most important data)
  • Social proof (real client testimonials, feedback, and reviews, along with authority badges and case studies, will increase credibility to your expertise and business, so don’t forget about them)
  • A well-designed and laconic form (it’s really better to get all the details from your targets at once, but people prefer forms with minimum fields; therefore, get it down to the most necessary fields and also consider enabling autofill, to avoid leads loss at this stage)
  • An attention-grabbing call-to-action button (make the button stand out, use cues like arrows, be convincing, and use a CTA that is benefit-oriented)

5. Craft a “thank you” webpage

After a user has claimed your offer, continue a conversation with him through a “thank you” page. You need it not only to show your gratitude to the users who have accepted the offer, but to let them know where to get it (download right away, in email, etc.). This will also give your leads a feeling of being a vital part of your company and possibly to drive them to another useful resource.
Lead gen thank you page
  • Restate the value of the original offer
  • Provide the offer content
  • Provide a logical secondary CTA
  • Give an opportunity to share the offer
  • Give an opportunity to connect via social
  • Link to other relevant, free blog content

6. Integrate with technology

To accomplish your lead generation marketing strategies better, integrate with CRMs and other software solutions for marketing, remarketing, tracking leads, data scraping, and more. Note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution—the choice of tools depends on the peculiarities of your business, its size, processes, goals, niche, etc.

7. Test the ad campaign

Start testing your marketing lead generating campaign from checking the front- and the back-end you’ve prepared, ensure that everything looks like it’s supposed to. Confirm that the succession of steps is right, all the links are clickable and correct, the CTA button operates and the retarget works for those who try to leave the page. Make sure your pixels and tags work smoothly. Evaluate every slight detail and also make sure that your team is ready to follow up with the received leads.

8. Drive traffic

With traffic, you’ll never have a universal way to direct it exactly as you’d like to, so the methods you use should be based on your most profitable channels, business specifics, and buyer persona.

9. Analyze and optimize

Test your campaigns continuously. Disruptive Advertising conducted a study that revealed that average clients waste over 75% of their PPC budget. Use the analytic tools available, conduct A/B testing, gain insights, and optimize your headlines, texts, and forms, or choose alternative traffic sources. To avoid budget loss, learn to spot the slightest signs of bad traffic, and always keep a close watch on key campaign metrics. It will help you duly adjust your expenses.

Major Ways of Digital Marketing Lead Generation

A website form

You may encourage your target users to fill in the form in exchange for some valuable offer (a piece of content, newsletter, free session, and more.) Lead capture procedure is blended here with your site design, so keep it in mind and follow our advice above.
Targeted advertising is nowadays an effective way of marketing leads generation if the campaign is set correctly. It’s not enough to target the keywords on Google that people search for, but also to focus on the right customer persona and capture those users who are likely to become your clients.

How Lead Gen Ads Work

Lead gen ads


Email marketing for lead generation is helpful when you manage to interest your addresses with a catchy subject. They also work well when you offer potential customers something valuable: a free trial, a promo, some persuasive promise as to the return on investment. Generally, email marketing lead generation campaigns should be a well-thought-out part of the overall corporate marketing plan.

Social media

Social network marketing for lead generation is often simple, yet effective, since the users surf social networks on an average of 5-6 hours a day. They not only communicate with family or friends, but also share opinions, take part in discussions, and actively interact with brands. Parsing social media networks helps to spot the target audience as well as competitors. You can take advantage of this information for social network marketing leads generation and capture the leads through the act of developing your community, taking part in similar groups or pages, creating contests, and advertising.

Basic Tactics For Lead Generation Content Marketing


Hubspot claims that companies that develop blogs generate almost 65% more leads compared to those that don’t. Keeping your blog section up-to-date, with a proper sign-up form in place, ensures that you will consistently capture leads from interested readers.


A newsletter may become an alternative to a blog in a lead generating content marketing plan. It helps capture leads from a regular mailout in exchange for valuable information, or a service, tool, or consultation.


The list you offer your audience can vary depending on the niche you are in; however, they should engage. It may be:
  • top 10, 15, 20 … something in the market
  • X steps to … or
  • a checklist to consider in some situation
The decision of how to capture your new leads is up to you.


Expert advice, interesting tips, out-of-the-box solutions, how-tos, and your best practices are powerful lead magnets for media consumers. You can also push content out through your media channels to attract leads from this domain. More than that, integrating a lead gen form right into the video and encouraging people to subscribe, visit your site, learn more, etc. is a very effective approach.
Lead get sign up form


Though they come close to video, webinars are more engaging due to the opportunity of direct communication and live interaction. Scheduling them in advance, you can warm up the target audience’s interest and encourage them to ask you questions beforehand.

Presentations and Slideshows

The increase of mass knowledge sharing and free platforms for crowd generated content popularity turned presentations into effective content marketing lead generation channels, as well. Create a series of slides presenting your expertise and gain your leads from there.

Pop-up forms

A lead magnet can either be proposed to those who have spent some time reading your site content (after some time set) or to those users who intend to exit your resource. Your lead magnet should be valuable and relevant to the information presented to the user.

Free trials or demos

If you provide a service, consider offering your product or service as a free trial or demo to the users. The chances are high that with your product in hand they will see all its benefits in operation and will thus convert more quickly into real customers. People don’t like to sacrifice their convenience, especially after they have experienced it.

Final Thoughts

There is no fixed formula, no one-stop solution or plan of generation lead marketing strategy. It’s vital to keep in mind that the process may involve various platforms, approaches, and tools. However, when capturing your first leads, you can always create lookalike audiences and scale your campaigns accordingly. Testing and data analysis should be integral aspects of your overall lead generation marketing policy. We are eager to help you get the data you need and share our experience in data handling with you for even better results. Schedule a free consultation with a DataOx expert today!
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023