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How Can AliExpress Data Scraping Help Accelerate Your Business?

AliExpress unites primarily Chinese small businesses and connects them with customers worldwide. With the number of products exceeding 100 million, this Chinese giant is already competing with Amazon. Like the latter, it is a superb data source for e-commerce businesses that realize the power of online information as a mighty business accelerator.
How Can AliExpress Data Scraping Help Accelerate Your Business?
Scraping AliExpress for product descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and prices can facilitate profound market research for online retailers in different countries.

Using the data, you can

  • make comprehensive market research, identifying all the competitors and resellers of the products you offer.
  • perform thorough competitor analysis based on the comprehensive product list with prices and rankings included.
  • make a profit by reselling — buying goods at low costs and listing them on other marketplaces.
  • know your target customers better by studying their reviews and feedback.
  • identify unauthorized sales channels, those sellers who offer below reseller prices may be distributing counterfeit products or be engaged in parallel imports.

What details you can mine:

  • product URLs
  • specifications
  • images
  • prices
  • product lists
  • information about the seller
  • customer reviews
  • product ranks
    However, parsing information from AliExpress is a strenuous task. On the one hand, you need to have enough resources and people for the purpose. On the other hand, AliExpress often blocks crawling requests to prevent scraping from their site. So if you want to mine data from it, you have to handle highly complex web crawling requirements.

    Why Choose DataOx for AliExpress Scraping?

    If you are concerned about your company growth, DataOx can handle AliExpress data scraping for you.
    • We realize that no two web scraping projects are alike and give special attention to every client’s needs and requirements.
    • We have an expert and enthusiastic team to gather the best web data or to develop a custom solution to meet your needs.
    • Our technical infrastructure copes with scraping data at large scales and supports multiple methods of data export.
    • The data we mine is always double-checked for any errors and delivered in a convenient format for the client.
    If you’re interested in our AliExpress scraping service or custom tool development, schedule a short free consultation with our expert to delve into the finer points.
    Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
    Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023