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Startups Based on Data Scraping

By data-driven products, we mean startups or ongoing businesses who are building their products or services based on web data scraping solutions. About 35% of new startups depend on data delivery. We worked with about 150 startups for five years and noticed that their success heavily depended on data quality, timeliness, and data accuracy.
Startups Based on Data Scraping
Every day, more and more data is created. And to help people and businesses understand and take advantage of all its benefits, we’ve helped startups launch their own data-driven products. There are hundreds of nuances and pitfalls related to using data scraping technologies inside your products, so one of the most important things is to choose the right data-scraping partner.

Custom-Made Solution or Data Delivery?

As we mentioned on our services page, DataOx has two options regarding implementing web scraping products: data delivery and custom software solutions. As for data-driven products, the preferable method is custom data solutions, but if you just started building your minimum viable product to test your idea, data delivery also fits. It takes much less money and time.
Custom-Made Solution or Data Delivery?
A very important issue is data quality control. From our experience, if people are presented with incorrect or inaccurate data, startups fail quickly and easily. We pay a lot of attention to testing and controlling data quality with the help of automated software and manual checks.

Our Projects, Pitfalls and Workarounds

We helped FirmProspects.com and Casetext.com set up their own data-driven products. They collect publicly available web data, proceed with their proprietary technologies and processes, and add the data to the other services that they sell on the market. For these products, a data scraping solution is the core of their business. Firm Prospects is a market leader in the law recruitment niche. They sell subscriptions for recruiters or agencies to access all job postings in the legal domain through the US. Those recruiters and agencies can then choose the most appropriate candidate from about 400,000 candidates (collected from law firms’ websites). We have been a data-scraping partner of Firm Prospects for almost five years.
If you want to launch your data-driven product or service, schedule a free consultation with our web scraping expert to get a clear picture of your project and a quote!
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023