Google Maps Data Scraping Services

Web scraping from Google Maps & Places is the best way to collect business data from a particular location. Order Google Maps scraping at DataOx & get data about your market!
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What Is It and How Does It Work?

Web data scraping from Google Maps and Places is the best way to collect business information from a particular location. Business directories can contain “dead” businesses, but businesses on Google Maps are working, active companies.
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What Data Do You Collect from Google Maps?

For most companies registered in Google Places, we can scrape the following data:
  • company’s website
  • location (address and coordinates)
  • reviews
  • photos
  • work hours
  • contacts
  • services
Once collected, you can enrich the data with the help of web scraping and crawling services and get information about the business founders and their social media profiles.

Who Benefits from Google Data Scraping?

This service is helpful for entrepreneurs who want to do market research in their location (district or city). If you want to collect information about your competitors (their services, reviews, etc.), you can implement it in a few ways. You can collect the data from Google Places manually, then we can put the data into Excel and analyze it. Another way to order needed data about other companies is through our web scraping services. In that case, you can get analyzed, enriched data with the help of other web sources. If you want to build a product based on collected business information, Google Maps may be a good source for business data, as well as social media and company websites. DataOx focuses on the development of custom web data scraping solutions for startups and entrepreneurs so we can help you build your own product.

Project DataOx Implemented Based on Google Maps Data Scraping

We did a project for lead-generation purposes. Our client sells goods for service stations. He wanted to collect all the information about such businesses in his Chicago area. He needed data only once. We started from Google Maps and found all of the service stations in Chicago. Then we enriched the data using information from Facebook and LinkedIn to find the C-level management of those service stations. After that, we wrapped it up into an Excel file. Our client got about seventy new customers in a week! Schedule a free consultation with our web scraping expert and get a quote for your project!
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023