How to Collect Job Postings Data from Indeed Using Selenium

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You’ve probably heard about Indeed, which is known as one of the most widely used job websites nowadays. So, if you are planning to scrape job sites, do not skip it. Indeed job posting sites are used in about 60 countries and provide data about job posts, hiring firms, and career pages from various countries. But what if you do not have any scraping tools but still need to use Indeed job scraping to get and analyze job-related data? Why not build a web scraper by yourself to collect data from Indeed web? If you have some coding skills, let’s try to scrape Indeed using Selenium. Let’s do it together!
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Indeed job posting web page is a popular job aggregator where job seekers can find their dream job all over the world. It is a very convenient platform for recruiters as well, as it is free to post job advertisements, though there are some paid features as well, especially if you want to promote your job post. On top of this, Indeed enables users to get valuable insights about competing salaries and companies seeking the same candidates. Having such kind of data to create a competitive and attractive job ad is a decisive advantage.
Screenshot from indeed

Why Scrape Indeed Job Posting

Do you know that job-related data stands out as one of the most required information? By Scraping you can get the most actual job data, analyze trends of the job market, investigate Indeed resume dataset, or even gather data about IT job listings with salaries based on location.

What are the benefits of Indeed job scraping

Check out how else businesses can benefit from extracting job data. They can:
Benefits from scraping indeed
  • Track competitors’ job vacancies and benefits.
  • Collect data about the labor market.
  • Generate leads by offering services to companies that are looking for the same.
  • Keep job databases up-to-date.

What data can you get by scraping Indeed

Let’s find out what data you can extract by scraping Indeed, though this is a tight list.
  • Job postings
  • Job positions
  • Job descriptions
  • Job locations
  • Employee profiles
  • Company profiles
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
scraping with dataox

Indeed Job Scraping using Selenium: How to Start

Now, that you know how to take advantage by scraping Indeed, let’s get down to business. We’re going to use Selenium API, which is very handy and recommended particularly for web automation. Besides, it is simple to install using the following code line:
pip install

Importing Selenium

Before importing Selenium make sure you have a driver to interface along with the web browser required by Selenium. Drivers can be downloaded from here. Just note that it should be saved in the same directory as your browser app.
imports of selenium
But how does indeed scrape jobs? To understand this, let’s start with navigation. The driver.get method is navigating to a page by using the given URL.
get driver
Once you run the above code, you can see a notification that your browser is being controlled.
Indeed webpage
When you are using Selenium, you can take advantage of identifying the required item or button by name, ID, or Xpath. Let’s make an advanced job search by specifying the needed search items and numbers of jobs displayed per page. We can see that “Advanced Job Search” is taken in a tag from the HTML structure. We can use “contains” to identify the Xpath by text.
advanced search
Data science search
Indeed card
Indeex scraping #2
DataFrame code
Common methods to scrap indeed
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023