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How Can Web Scraping Help Your Real Estate Business?

The real estate market is complex. Every piece of information about a particular house or piece of land is publicly available through the internet. Today, data collection and analysis can help your real estate business make smart decisions and take advantage of many opportunities now opened in the present-day real estate market.
How Can Web Scraping Help Your Real Estate Business?

About Real Estate Web Scraping

Online real estate business offers extensive advantageous opportunities thanks to digitizing: you can curate real-time updates, regularly check indexed listings, and benefit from analyzing an exhaustive set of data points. Nowadays, scraping technology makes it all easy. When it comes to web scraping of real estate data, people search for various details such as property information, price, addresses, images, reviews, agent information, seller profiles and much more. Web crawlers can surf the web in a structured approach much like a search engine, and detect the most credible and informative pre-defined real estate data points out of this list. Then, a web scraper will extract the information from the relevant web pages for you and your clients. To make your real estate business even more successful, you should complement the basic property details with additional information of agents and brokers, value assessment providers, legal teams, etc.
Your clients may also be interested in the following details:
  • Previous property owners,
  • Nearby entertainment,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Workplace proximity,
  • Security,
  • Other people interested.
Web crawling and scraping up-to-date real estate information regularly will allow you to cover a large spectrum of such questions, and offer your customers the best service. Data scraping technologies allow investors to collect and analyze all real estate listings in their particular region according to zip code and analyze them. You can define property prices and compare them to similar properties in your region. You can also determine the best time to buy or sell properties.

What parameters can you scrape and analyze

  1. Property value
    Whether you are going to purchase or sell property, scrape MLS data or other listings and figure out the best value you can set on your own property, or expect to pay for.
  2. The right amount to invest
    With accurate and up-to-date real estate market data in a particular region, investors can make informed decisions based on relevant and qualitative information as opposed to investing blindly with outdated or incomplete details. Accurate, current real estate data is essential for proper investment analysis and smart decisions.
  3. Rental yields
    Before making investments in the real estate sphere, you should perform estimates of the rental yield. Web scraping and analysis help to figure out which properties have the highest potential among others of the same type and category in any region. If done properly, such procedures will guide you to the best ROI you can get.
  4. Vacancy rates
    Investments in vacant property are quite risky, but you can minimize the risk through proper data collection and analysis of the properties and regions with higher rental listings.
With all these parameters at your fingertips, you can enhance your chances for the right investments and beneficial property deals based on informed data-driven decisions. However, data scraping in the real estate sphere is not limited to these factors; its potential is almost limitless. We can even enrich real estate details by collecting data from multiple sources and aggregating them. For instance, we are able to collect data both from public listings and from police statistics to determine the crime level in a given region. This will give you a bigger picture regarding buying, selling, or investing in real estate in that location. Real estate agencies have even more options. Data scraping solutions can gather and provide real-time rental or sale data. We can scrape all property listings appearing on local websites. As a result, you can get aggregated information from many real estate listing sources in one place almost as soon as it is posted!

Web Sources We Scrape for Real Estate Data

The most popular real estate listing sites for our data scraping services are Zillow, MLS, Airbnb and Booking. We scraped data from Zillow for a customer that collected realtor contact information to offer them his services. As a bonus, we also performed MLS data scraping and monitored New York real estate prices for his company.
Web Sources We Scrape for Real Estate Data
Data accuracy is a crucial factor in scraping real estate data. When you collect property data for analysis, you must be sure of its accuracy and reliability. So we did not simply scrape Zillow, but also tested the scraped data. We always test data manually and using special custom software according to the algorithms of quality assurance. DataOx can provide real estate data on a one-time or regular basis, or we can develop custom software for your unique data harvesting and analysis needs.

The Impact of Technological Advancement

The highly competitive real estate market has undergone huge transformations in the last decade, driven by technology advancements. To stay a first-class player in this market and claim a piece of its market share, you should adjust to its accelerating competitive environment. The National Association of Realtors revealed that over half of real estate transactions start on the web today, so using high-tech solutions and technologies is a must. While social media networks (47%), multiple listings, and listing aggregator sites (about 30% each category), provide a huge amount of information for the industry, web data scraping helps to master all this information, collect it, analyze it and get the right insights. Web scraping for real estate is challenging, however, keep in mind that the more steps you automate, the better results you get. There is no excuse for disregarding such an opportunity, but if you still doubt the efficiency of data scraping for real estate, find some use cases below.

Example of a Real Estate Scraping Project

We helped one entrepreneur build a product based on scraping real estate listings in the market of Spain. Our customer, a new startup that built a software product, helps investors get insights into real estate value on the market in different regions. We built a custom data scraping solution to extract all listings from,, and Our software aggregated data, deleted duplicate data points, and structured all listings. Our solution was fully integrated on our client’s side. We provided maintenance for a set time, and then trained our client’s in-house team to do it themselves.
If you want a professional consultation regarding scraping Zillow data or other listings, or your real estate project on the whole, schedule a short free consultation with our data scraping expert.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023