Scraping Data Posted on Yellow Pages Can Bring Benefit to Your Business


Yellow pages are nowadays well-known business directories, where the companies are represented by category. You can find the contacts of the company you need with ease there.

There are various flavors of such websites, to mention some well-known directories, we’ll name,,,, Yellow Pages, but much more exist within the boundlessness of the modern Internet.

Businesses can post ads on Yellow Pages and provide valuable information there.

Who Can Benefit from Scraping Posts on Yellow Pages

For marketers, startups, and young businesses, yellow pages are a real treasury of information and a source of leads. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to download yellow page directories’ data in a simple and straightforward way.

However, web scraping services and tools solve the problem with ease allowing the users to extract business data, addresses, contact details, phone numbers, and more.

Keyword-based Yellow Pages Scraping

Scraping data from Yellow Pages sites you can use the keyword approach, what is more, you can submit multiple search keywords and extract the resulting data. You can, for instance, choose a list for search and another list for locations, the results will be scraped automatically according to the input keywords.

Why Scrape Yellow Pages

Yellow pages’ mining can be helpful in many ways and for variable purposes. You can, for example,

  • create your own online resource with local businesses’ information,
  • gather phone numbers for cold outreach in your business,
  • offer data scraping to the companies interested,
  • generate leads for various business spheres and sell the lists,
  • scrape data to market your product or services to the target audience.

Thus, by extracting the data posted on yellow pages, you can generate maximum leads in the necessary region and boost your sales.

It’s possible because most yellow page resources have an integrated map to display businesses’ locations. Thus, Geo coordinates, though not displayed, can still be extracted from the HTML of the page.

Final Thoughts

DataOx, being an expert in web data scraping can help you get the data you need in several ways. We can either gather it for you and provide the cleansed information in a required structured format, like Excel, CSV, JSON, or some other, or integrate the details in your database. Data delivery can be either one time or on a regular basis.

Besides, the DataOx’s team can develop a software tool for your business, so that you scrape the information you need from Yellow Pages yourself. Reach out to our expert for a free consultation and find out which option best suits your needs.

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