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Data Scraping Is a Modern Means to Be Effective in Recruitment

It’s no longer a secret that almost 75% of employers check candidates’ social media profiles before hiring, in addition to publishing vacancies on social platforms, and allowing candidates to contact decision-makers directly. Recruiters also screen social networks for candidates, but the value of a recruiter role suggestion diminishes under such conditions. That is why to be effective in recruitment, you should be steps ahead of the candidate. That’s where data scraping comes in — it allows you to be competitive and data-driven.

Why Scrape Data for Recruitment?

Job scraping is parsing the internet for company pages, job boards, and recruitment agencies to collect data about vacancies or candidates. Scraping for recruitment works better if you master SEO since resume or vacancy texts often have no common language or structure.
Scraping for Recruitment
Besides, web job listings are often duplicated, unclean, or expired. To analyze such data in a meaningful, reliable manner, a recruiter needs a rational and up-to-date dataset.

Scraping data for recruitment may include

  • job titles
  • job descriptions
  • company descriptions
  • office location
  • employment types
  • job conditions
  • schedule
  • posted dates
  • min/max salaries
With this information, you will be able to use, filter, and analyze the collected data, identify current industry trends, get insights into salary levels, and find jobs within — and beyond — given parameters.

Tasks that scraping for recruitment can help solve

  • Market highs and lows monitoring. With a close eye on specialists’ flow, a recruiter can prepare to use human resources to the advantage of competitive development.
  • Tracing the talent pool of competitors.
  • Tracking competitors’ salary information.
  • Staying up-to-date on the most sought-after specialists.
  • Managing information about job seekers.

Why Choose DataOx for Recruitment Data Scraping?

Recruitment Purposes Scraping
  • DataOx has dealt with data scraping for over 5 years and can parse various types of information, including text, videos, images, PDFs, and code, even from tough websites with variable data blocks.
  • The unstructured and hard-to-scrape data we deliver is consolidated and split by a range of factors in a structured format. We take care of cleaning and de-duplicating the extracted information so that our clients can assess it in detail and feed it into their recruitment, HR, or CRM systems.
  • DataOx ensures high-quality data scraping for recruitment purposes so that our customers can get more valuable insights into the job market in real time.
  • DataOx also provides custom scraping tools development. Our solutions make the recruitment efforts of our clients up-to-date, data-driven, and hassle-free.
If you want to radically change your recruitment routine, schedule a free consultation with our expert and find out how data scraping can work best for you.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023