How to Quickly Scrape Image URLs from a Website


There are plenty of applications that work with images nowadays. If you, for instance, want to create the one for whatever purposes like image refining, colorizing, or something else, you need pictures and consequently, find an image URL on a website to scrape for every picture you use. However, the task may be a challenge, because the sites like Facebook or Flickr, for instance, provide the URL to a photo that turns out to actually be a link to a whole photo album and not the file. To strip images from websites, it’s reasonable to turn to web scraping. There are several common ways to do it. Traditionally we mention such options as the tools off-the-shelf usage, the custom web-scraper creation, or turning for professional data delivery services, like DataOx.

The tools that come in handy for image URLs scraping

OctoparseOctoparse is a well-known tool for data extraction. It allows at least 3 ways to scrape image URLs from a target site. You can choose the one best matching your requirements for data format and get
  • All image URLs extracted and laid out in different columns of the same row.Octoparse image URLs extraction 1 by DataOx Octoparse image URLs extraction 2 by DataOx
  • All URLs on the same webpage in one columnOctoparse image URLs extraction 3 by DataOx Octoparse image URLs extraction 4 by DataOx
  • All the image URLs exported in one cell by RegExp Tool.Octoparse image URLs extraction 5 by DataOx Octoparse image URLs extraction 6 by DataOx
Smart Image DownloaderSmart Image Downloader from Algorithmia. This tool supports links for Dropbox, Imgur, Google Drive, 500px, Twitter, and much more. A single API call allows it to parse image URLs from the pages on the web, resize them, save the images as a .PNG, .JPG, or .BMP. and store them. Smart Image Downloader by DataOx
PythonA few libraries are needed to find image URLs on websites and extract images from the sites on the web. Commonly BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and Pandas are used for image URLs harvesting and data gathering into a .CSV file. Then several additional libraries like Pillow and requests are needed to store the content, convert it into an image object and save it to a location specified. Python Code Sample For Image URLs extraction by DataOx
Chrome extensionsImage Link Grabber allows images links extraction with a single click. All you need is just open the necessary page and click on the app icon, you’ll get the links right away. Image Link Grabber Screenshot by DataOx
Data Delivery servicesIt’s no doubt all the tools and approaches to strip images from websites are good and workable for certain tasks. However, if you want to be sure you get comprehensive datasets and the quality of the image URLs and images themselves are good, our advice is to turn to a professional data delivery service. Knowing all the ropes of the process, professionals can help you save your time and effort. DataOx Image Scraping


As experts in web data scraping, we are ready to provide you with data delivery services in image URLs parsing and image scraping. DataOx realizes onetime data delivery as well as regular scraping sessions as it’s requested by the client. We can also offer you a custom tool development for image scraping from the web. If you doubt what solution is best for you, schedule a free consultation with our expert and discuss all the nuances.
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