Mozenda Scraper Review

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Information is modern power, and to get the data you need at the right time you should master the art of effective data collection. The market of web scraping solutions is nowadays abundant, so we’re reviewing the tools available.
Today we deal with one of the Top 200 Business Intelligence Software products — and offer a short Mozenda review to our audience. Mozenda works well for individuals and midsized companies. A third of Fortune Global 500 companies and thousands of businesses trust this software.

Mozenda Overview in Short

Mozenda is a robust yet straightforward platform that allows users to gather data from different sources in a matter of minutes. With this handy tool, you can obtain data from websites of various kinds: news sites, statistics reports, historical archives, price listings, user reviews, product catalogs, and much more to turn it into actionable business intelligence.
Watch this video to learn more about Web Data Extraction with Mozenda.

Mozenda Features

Mozenda software is Windows-based, running their processes in the cloud. It allows users to automate the process of gathering information from websites, to view, organize and run reports on it. The tool is able to extract data from various types of challenging and complex page structures, lists, and nested categories. The table capture feature allows users to obtain large volumes of data from tables. What’s more, they can combine it into a single dataset with information extracted from documents. Thus Excel, Word, and PDF formats can be scraped with ease.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Additional features allow image downloads, history tracking,scheduling, data publishing, auto-populated input boxes, exports, and notifications. All these abilities combined make the Mozenda web scraper a perfect choice for users of many fields and roles, specifically analysts, IT specialists, and decision-makers.
Screenshot 3
Mozenda simplifies the process of data collection and aggregation, breezes through complex website structures, and does all the hard work. The tool can also detect name-value pairings across web pages and categories. The Mozenda web scraper finds relevant details and captures them automatically. No user interference is required. Finally, the software delivers data right to the user’s fingertips in rich data saved in the format they require.

Mozenda Pricing Plans

Mozenda pricing is monthly, and 4 plans are offered for the users to choose from. To make an informed decision, consider 1 of 3 plans with a fixed price or their managed services that are quote based.
Project Professional Enterprise Managed Services


A Month/Billed Monthly/USD


A Month/Billed Monthly/USD


A Month/Billed Monthly/USD
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1 user 2 users 3 users want a proof of concept first
20k processing credits /month 35k processing credits/month 1 million processing credits/year are running one-time projects
10 web scraping agents 50 web scraping agents Unlimited web scraping agents don’t have time to learn and manage new software
Free phone and email support Free phone and email support Dedicated customer service manager

Mozenda Web Scraper Pros and Cons

Like every product, the tool under review has its advantages and drawbacks.


  • The solution is powerful, automatable, and customizable. It boasts of excellent features and capabilities.
  • The software has great error handling; it is able to identify the exact step where the agent failed and why.
  • The tool is compatible with XPaths.
  • Mozenda provides a comprehensive tool kit for scraping and allows users to break a process down into a series of actions.
  • Mozenda speeds through pages quickly and accurately aggregates data.


  • The solution is available for Windows only.
  • The tool has built-in intelligence that sometimes influences the formatting of results.
  • The number of page credits needed is hard to determine exactly.
  • Testing bugs happen.


As an affordable product, the cloud-based architecture of the Mozenda web scraper is fantastic for accurate data scraping in various fields and can be scaled and integrated on request. The product is well maintained and supported. If Mozenda doesn’t offer all the features your business needs, consider custom scraping solutions. Schedule a free consultation with our expert to learn the details.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Wed Apr 19 2023