Amazon Scraper

Use Amazon scraper to get products data from this marketplace. We provide Amazon scraping services that allow you to get required information for sales and marketing

What is Amazon Scraper?

Amazon Scraper is a software application used for data mining and extracting data from Amazon website. It allows users to scrape Amazon product data (such as product names, prices, ratings, reviews, descriptions, images, ASIN and UPC codes, shipping details, competitor prices, etc.) with speed and accuracy. Amazon Scraper Tool is ideal for business owners, marketers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and individuals in need of Amazon product data for research or analysis purposes. With Amazon scraping, users can collect data by searching for products based on product keywords, brand name, category, or product ID. It automatically extracts the required data from the search results and saves it in CSV or Excel format. The tool also supports scraping multiple pages of Amazon search results and can handle hundreds or thousands of product pages at a time. It provides a simple, efficient and cost-effective way of collecting and analyzing Amazon data. It helps businesses to make informed decisions about inventory, pricing, marketing, and customer demographics. It also provides valuable insights into competitor's products and pricing strategies, enabling businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, it helps Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings by analyzing Amazon product reviews and ratings thoroughly.

Which data does it scrap?

Amazon is a leading platform for product selection and price comparison. We parse all the available information on it, which allows companies to conduct analysis and become more competitive in the market. The product rating, number of reviews, number of sellers – all of this is also collected and available for download on a daily basis. We only scrape factual information that is not subject to copyright.
Which data is scrapped

In which format I can receive a result?

We provide Amazon scraping result in many formats. You can choose whatever you want: - In our application (screenshot below); - In XLSX format (Microsoft Excel) - In JSON, CSV, XML, etc. formats - Google Sheets pages - API (you can integrate with us)
Application example
Google Sheets result
In addition to providing multiple file formats, Amazon Scraper Tool also offers customization options to cater to specific needs. Users can select what information they want to extract from Amazon product pages, such as product images, reviews, product specifications, etc. They can also choose the number of search results they want to scrape, specify the search criteria, and set filters to refine their search results. For large-scale data mining projects, our tool can handle multiple requests simultaneously, allowing users to scrape vast amounts of Amazon data in a shorter time. Besides, the tool is user-friendly, and no coding knowledge is required to use it. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from novice data analysts to experienced programmers. In summary, Amazon Scraper Tool provides a reliable and intuitive approach to extract valuable data from Amazon and gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce business landscape.
Publishing date: Mon Apr 24 2023
Last update date: Fri Apr 28 2023