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Introduction to Mobile App Scraping

Web data scraping is a complex, yet effective technique for gathering required data in a short time. This technology helps businesses extract the necessary information, but it’s not restricted to the web only. The quick uprising of global mobile communication has resulted in the growing demand for iOS and Android mobile apps as well as their usage.
Mobile App Scraping Service

Why Can Mobile App Scraping Help Win the Market?

At present, much data is sourced from various apps that have become an indispensable part of the business sector. Mobile solutions offer high-end goods and services directly to core users. No wonder mobile app scraping services are in great demand among businesses eager to reap success in the e-commerce world. Mobile app scraping technology allows users to collect data from iOS and Android apps running on smartphones or tablets. In the age of total digitalization and with the mobile market booming, mobile solutions serve users as an on-the-go alternative to similar internet services, which they access from their PCs. Today, lots of users regularly use up to 30 social media and e-commerce apps. People also give more and more preference to mobile solutions when shopping online and taking advantage of special offers and coupons available only on applications. So, the data harvested from these applications can serve multifaceted needs, from product and catalog information to security procedure details and requirements.

What Data Can a Mobile Apps Scraping Service Fetch?

Modern technologies are often complex and multilayered, so important details can be layered deep in the coding of mobile applications, however, it’s still possible to fetch the necessary information, whether it’s an Android or iOS solution.

What information can we obtain?

Types of data scraped from a mobile app
Web content application Data scraping from a mobile app allows users to harvest the content of the application as well as consumer details contained in it. Content compliance You can monitor a mobile app’s information, see if it coincides with a website version, spot the differences, if there are any, and figure out how it works. App framework Scraping mobile apps helps you comprehend the interconnection between the MVC architecture and the app’s UI. App data sources and attributes Mobile app scraping allows users to check the app display’s interlinking and the links the data are derived from. In addition, we can fetch the best features and attributes of an app as well as figure out the reasons for its popularity. Real-time information Sometimes, it is crucial for certain businesses to scrape up-to-the-minute data, especially in the e-commerce, travel, and food industries.

Who Needs Mobile App Scraping?

  • Individuals or entities who require the ability to track their competitors’ capabilities and apps.
  • E-commerce analysts need to monitor products, prices, and special offers to do better than the competition.
  • Travel pricing experts, the track offers on mobile apps and on websites.
  • Users who want to gain an understanding of the logical data used in the apps.
  • Developers and engineers who create mobile applications and check up-to-date market-preferred solutions and trends.
Mobile App Scraping for travel industry

Benefits of Scraping Mobile App Data

Innovative modern strategies and approaches to mobile app scraping services help to deliver relative and valuable information in various spheres. The major benefits of mobile app scraping are:
  • The possibility to understand consumer demand, needs, suggestions, and assumptions from the mobile apps they use.
  • Deriving the precise details of the solutions and locations to incorporate them within future customer apps.
  • The chance to figure out the loopholes and drawbacks of the existing products to save time when developing similar apps.
  • Keeping data secure, safe, clean, and in a format convenient to use – HTML, XLS, CSV, JSON, and so on.

Mobile App Scraping Challenges and Specifics

Mobile App Scraping differs from ordinary web scraping since it requires particular skills and experience on the part of the specialist dealing with it.

The major challenges to cope with

  • To figure out the way the data is transmitted;
  • To find out how the app is connected to the server;
  • To identify the right protocol used by the app;
  • To read and process the data collected from the mobile app.

The key characteristics of mobile apps scraping

  • Complete Automation;
  • Full Customization;
  • Scalability;
  • Independence of the platform;
  • API integration necessity;
  • Flexible methods of data delivery;
  • Accurate and enriched extraction of data;
  • Residential IPs support;
  • 3rd party integration necessity.
From the list above, you may see that the process is complex and requires special expertise.

Why Choose DataOx Mobile Scraping Services?

  • Delivering data services for over 6 years, we guarantee the best results in both web and mobile scraping!
  • DataOx uses the most advanced technologies, strategies, and approaches to make our services well-organized.
  • The expertise we have allows us to easily alter the apps’ frameworks in an easy and precise procedure.
  • We use variable tools primarily based on Python, however, we are always in search of innovative solutions and approaches.
  • We offer mobile app scraping services independently of the platform the solution is developed on, whether it’s iOS or Android.
  • We provide cleansed, extensive data scraped from various sources, structured and formatted as per our client’s request.
  • Our services are accurate, customized to meet our client’s needs and requirements, and cost-effective for their businesses.
  • We provide our customers with important hype for their increased business revenue.
In addition:
  • We have a fully automated data pipeline, so the information is extracted without human interference.
  • DataOx mobile app scraping services are industry independent, we serve customers from various fields and provide them with the desired information in large volumes.
  • We not only extract but also cleanse the extracted data.
  • Our service is highly scalable, meaning we can extract data from any number of mobile apps at the same time and in large volumes.
  • We manage the entire process end-to-end, coping with all the challenges and anti-scraping measures.

Mobile App Scraping FAQ

What is mobile app scraping?

Mobile application scraping is the extraction of data useful for business from Android and iOS apps: application web content, content compliance, app framework, app data sources and attributes, and real-time information.

How to scrape mobile apps?

The main difficulty in mobile app scraping, as opposed to web scraping, is that the app only works as intended on the right device with the right operating system. Therefore, emulators are used for parsing mobile applications. Next, you should study how the application interacts with the server and find all the restrictions.

How to scrape IOS app?

Scraping IOS applications is a very difficult task that requires a prepared device with an IOS operating system and a jailbreak.


Because of the rapid changes in the digital sphere and mobile communications, app scraping is growing in popularity. To see what benefits it can bring your business and how DataOx can help, schedule a free consultation with our expert.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Wed Apr 19 2023