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Our Web Scraping and Data Aggregation Services for Different Industries

Flights monitoring

Scrape and aggregate information about flights, ticket prices, bonuses, and more. You can build your product based on publicly available flight data.

Creating data-driven web products

We help a lot of startups build their own data scraping products and launch their businesses!


News web scraping

We have expertise in scraping news sources like Yahoo! News, CNN, NBC, and a lot of local niche web sources, mostly for finance startups and investors.

Job post scraping

We created two huge startups based on job scraping and parsing solutions that we developed. Learn more about it.

Brand monitoring

There is a big demand for brand monitoring services: brand owners want to collect and see reviews, comments, shares, posts, and more centered on their brand. They want to know what their customers and potential customers think about their brand, and web crawling technologies can make their wish a reality!

Real estate scraping

This service collects data about the real estate market. Scrape all listings from your country or globally. Our solutions allow you to do it almost in real time.


Lead generation

We have a lot of lead scraping requests: emails, phones, social media profiles— we can aggregate all leads from publicly available sources.

Data for machine learning

We provide tailored datasets for data science companies by crawling and parsing specific data from the internet.

Price monitoring

A lot of startups and existing businesses are based on price comparison solutions, and we provide them for different domains like finance, real estate, flights, and a lot more.

Review web scraping

Get thousands of any kind of reviews about your products or your competitors’ products and services.


Document scraping

There are millions of publicly available documents through the web. But they have different formats and are not applicable to use as-is. Learn more about how to turn raw documents into viable data.

URL scraping

Gather all links from your website, your competitors’ websites, or any website.


Data Scraping for E-Commerce

E-commerce scraping is extracting explicit commercially sensitive data from the web for online businesses. Automated web crawlers grab the publicly available information and compile it for analysis and effective retail strategy creation.


Amazon Scraping Service

Amazon scraping helps to get the most up-to-date product data and the most honest reviews, to find out the current market state and the latest trends. Get consistent, high-quality information for sophisticated analytics and decision-making.


Scraping the AliExpress Website

Scraping AliExpress for product descriptions, images, videos, reviews, and prices for market research, competitor analysis, sales channels identification, target audience studies, and much more.

Social Media

Social Media Scraping

We handle social media scraping with ease. Parsing data from social media platforms we help clients gather the information and buzz on certain topics, brands, goods, services, or businesses.


Instagram Scraping Services

We help our clients collect data for sentiment analysis, and not only, from Instagram. Since this social network has mostly unique audience, its marketing potential is high.


Twitter Scraping Services

We scrape Twitter to collect information for our clients to put it under scrutiny for social network creation, efficient lead generation, viral target advertising, sentiment analysis, competitor monitoring, and much more.


Facebook Scraping Services and Tools

Facebook knows what users do even when they venture to other sites, all these make this social media giant a data scraping treasure trove. We scrape it with ease to meet the needs of our clients whatever they are!


LinkedIn Scraping Service

We know how to effectively scrape LinkedIn and help our clients with professional networking, lead generation, public relations, marketing. Scraping details for any niche or vertical market segment we can find the necessary data in almost any relevant field.


Scraping for SERP Purposes

We help to scrape data from search engine results to improve business and SEO. SERP data scraping allows our clients to get useful and reliable datasets for making better-informed decisions in various fields.

Common Data Types We Collect from the Web
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