ParseHub Review: Who Benefits?

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Everyone who faces the task of web data scraping knows that using tools out of the box is handy. On the one hand, the abundance of tools on the present-day scraping market makes most data parsing tasks simple and hassle free. On the other hand, the choice of software may become a challenge. This short ParseHub review will help make your choice easier.

About ParseHub in Short

ParseHub is a web scraping tech stack tool that operates in the form of a desktop application.
ParseHub Review
It is a multipurpose visual scraper with an intuitive and clear interface and processes that run in the cloud. The latter is quite advantageous to preserve the user’s computer space and processing power.
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The major focus of ParseHub is its scraping solutions, so they are simple to use even for the beginners and, besides, ParseHub tutorials, documentation, and support are precise and clear.
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Enterprise clients can also receive tailor-made solutions from ParseHub with a specific set of features they need for their particular tasks.

ParseHub Features

  1. The software has an easy-to-use, intuitive UX and can extract data from anywhere, working with single- and multi-page sources.
  2. The advantages customers often mention in ParseHub reviews are the browser-like, real-time view of the target sites and the fact that ParseHub tools can handle cookies, redirects, sessions, AJAX, and JavaScript.
  3. The tools can easily fill in forms, log in to websites, deal with interactive maps, calendars, and even sites with infinite scrolling.
  4. The tool is capable of extracting the information you need from any place on the page.
  5. The scraper does not depend on the physical placement of data.
  6. The results of the scraping process can be downloaded in Excel, CSV, JSON, and API formats.
Here is a video guide on How to Extract Data from ANY Website to Excel using ParseHub.
Though ParseHub software may be literally a godsend for many users who require data scraping, there are certain drawbacks worth mentioning. Firstly, it often requires many steps to carry tasks out, but common ones can be grouped together.
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ParseHub may fail to cope with content-heavy websites and standard features and cannot, at times, get around multiple anti-scraping measures. However, those problems mostly affect the free version, since it has limited features. Troubleshooting for large projects might be complicated with free ParseHub, but paid versions are able to satisfy more sophisticated scraping needs. Let’s look into the prices for the product in more detail.

ParseHub Pricing

Though ParseHub is known as the free web-scraping solution, it’s not 100% so. There is a free version, but 3 more options are offered for a fee — the Standard and Professional versions are best for users’ smaller operations and Enterprise is designed for corporate needs. A ParseHub subscription is paid monthly, and you can cancel it at any time. The Enterprise pricing plan offers such valuable features as dedicated speeds and an overall quicker turnaround on the scraping process.
ParseHub Pricing
If you do not know how to program, ParseHub software is one of the most affordable options that works best for massive amounts of data scraping with little effort. When choosing the free or one of the paid plans, a user should take the scale of his project into consideration. If you need it for, for instance, personal usage, the free version should be enough, but regular large-scale web data scraping tasks would require some reasonable investment.

Who Can Benefit from ParseHub Usage?

The multipurpose tool can be efficient for
  • Analysts and consultants,
  • E-commerce owners and marketers,
  • Experts in sales lead generation,
  • Developers,
  • Owners of marketplaces and aggregators,
  • Data scientists,
  • And more.


In a modern world obsessed with efficiency, off-the-shelf web scrapers can help you cope with lots of tasks, but to match the specifics of your business and the processes you follow, custom-built software products are a perfect choice. DataOx specializes in tailor-made web scraper development, and we are eager to help you decide on the best option for you. Schedule a free consultation with our expert and enter the world of scraping with confidence!
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Wed Apr 19 2023