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What Should You Consider?

In our video, we described data scraping solutions and the difference between our data delivery services. Custom web scraping solutions are developed for startups and established businesses that are building their own products based on data scraping technologies. If you have IT projects and want to add data scraping as a service, you need an expert consultation first. It is very important to understand what you really need in order to find the most suitable solution. If you have a few software vendors, you need to integrate all of them into your ecosystem.

What Should You Expect from DataOx?

You can expect quality custom software products that fulfill your business goals. We can also consult you about IT project management. Since our services will be just part of your entire project, we will consider the entire ecosystem, as your IT project consists of many interdependent factors, and provide you quality service tailored to your goals.


Our minimum initial project price starts at $1,500. We are not the cheapest provider on the market, but we consider the pitfalls in a project that other vendors may miss. And we always do quality assurance. It really helps to save you a lot of time and money in the future. Quality assurance is a must-have at DataOx.

Where Do We Start?

Get started with a free consultation where we discuss your business idea, your other vendors or partners, and other factors that affect your project. Then we can outline a project plant. If we can’t help you, we will recommend other companies or give you a road map to make your IT project successful.

Turnaround Time

The average custom data scraping project takes between one and three months at DataOx.


Our IT projects will be divided into a few milestones, and we deliver them one by one. Payment is also based on these delivered milestones. Get a free initial consultation from our data expert or fill out this short form to get a quote for your own project. Learn more about one-time data delivery or regular data delivery.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023