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Innovate Your Market Research with Data Scraping Technology

Web crawling/scraping/data extraction/data mining/screen scraping — all these terms describe collecting large amounts of data from the web and arranging it in convenient datasets, for commercial and non-commercial needs. Market research scraping helps entrepreneurs make the right business decisions, work out powerful strategies, and plan for effective business operation.

Why Scrape Data for Market Research?

Market research is now an inevitable aspect of doing business, whether online or offline. You can get valuable insights from
  • News portals
  • Directories
  • Market research firms
  • Industry blogs and so on
From all these sources, you can gain information about:
  • the actual prices in the market
  • real-time competitive pricing structures
  • potential opportunities and open niches
  • research and development processes
  • current market trends
  • state of competition, direct and indirect
  • your major and minor competitors
  • potential customers (based on your buyer personas)
Market Research Data Scraping
By incorporating web scraped data into your business workflows, you receive the due diligence to gain an edge on the market.
Let’s investigate some processes in more detail.

Price Monitoring

By scraping pricing data while doing market research, you can determine the best way to position your goods or services. With an extremely dynamic world of online retail, where new products appear regularly and prices change rapidly, access to real-time, top quality data — as well as pricing history — is critical to making profitable pricing decisions.

Market Trend Analysis

Data scraping and analysis can help enhance the accuracy of your market trends research methods and boost overall productivity. If you manage to figure out the key market movement factors and become a first-mover, you will reveal incredible and innovative business opportunities. By parsing large amounts of data at a time, you’ll get valuable insights into particular market scenarios and industry backgrounds.

Research & Development

A well-arranged and thought-out cycle of research and development can radically reduce product post-launch problems, so devoting more time to R&D can result in a significant difference between disastrous failure and success.
Scraping Market Research Data
Therefore, web scraping can unlock incredible insights for research and development in every aspect of the cycle, through websites, forums, news articles, etc. — all resources for monitoring your customer’s needs or confirming assumptions about how to best serve them.

Competition Analysis

Through web data scraping integration and systematizing competitors monitoring, you will avoid the pain points and blind spots that create risks to your business. It will provide you with a powerful advantage to extend your market share, or use your business growth opportunities to your advantage, and maximize revenue.

Optimizing Point Of Entry

With all the above-mentioned points in mind, remember that how you price and position your product matters. Proper market research facilitates your market entrance and expansion with confidence and a competitive upper-hand.

Why Choose DataOx for Market Research Web Data Scraping?

  • DataOx develops custom scraping tools that relieve clients from having to install anything or learn to code. If you choose our development services, we will provide the source code of the solution.
  • We also provide data delivery services, either once or on a recurring schedule.
  • As experts in web scraping, we guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the up-to-date data we provide.
  • DataOx experts extract high data volumes for clients to see existing trends and possible shifts in consumer demand or preferences.
  • We provide data in a convenient format — CSV, XML, or JSON — through different delivery methods or databases. It can be directly uploaded into any third-party service or integrated into the client’s data product management systems.
If you are interested in developing a custom market research scraping tool or data delivery service, please schedule a free consultation with our expert, to choose the best option for you.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Tue Apr 18 2023