Octoparse Review

Read DataOx’s brief review of Octoparse software. Learn Octoparse’s features, peculiarities, and prices. Consult our expert for more details!
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Users who need to generate big datasets for investigation and analysis can scrape data in several common ways: by coding themselves, turning to public APIs, or using the automated tools available. The market of web scraping tools is enormous, and to find the one that best matches your needs, you should know the specifics of each one.
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Today we are going to speak about Octoparse and give you a quick run-through of its features.

Octoparse Review in Short

Octoparse software is a free, full-featured client-side data scraping software that does not require you as the user to know how to code. It is quite user-friendly with a point-and-click UI, and during operation, it imitates user behavior. Octoparse takes care of all the complicated processes behind the screen for the user.
Octoparse point and click UI
At the same time, the advanced machine-learning algorithm provided by Octoparse allows you to accurately locate the necessary details right when you click. So everyone who knows how to browse can use Octoparse without problems. Octoparse allows data extraction in various formats, from Excel or CSV to API or even a database. At present, the easy-to-use tech stack tools Octoparse offers run only on Windows. It is capable of scraping data from tough, aggressive, or dynamic web resources with drop-down menus, infinite scrolling, log-in authentication, AJAX, and more.

Outstanding Features of Octoparse

  1. Octoparse software can provide cloud-based services, which are up to 20 times quicker than local extraction.
  2. About 6 to 20 cloud servers may be involved in extraction tasks, and the scraping speed grows respectively.
  3. Users can also use proxy servers to conceal their IP address or apply automated IP rotation to avoid getting their IPs on the black list.
  4. Similarly, the users can create their own API and get data in the format of XML strings.
  5. Octoparse supports ad blocking, and as a result, the tasks are optimized because of reduced loading times and HTTP requests.
  6. In addition, to locate web elements with more accuracy, an XPath tool is offered to the users.
  7. Octoparse visualizes the data extraction process through a workflow designer, it provides the users with the opportunity to always stay on top of data parsing.
  8. Whenever you need recurrent data harvesting, you can use Octoparse’s scheduling feature to do so on a regular basis. This feature allows you to scrape any site that updates consistently in real-time and schedule the task to run the process even at 1-minute intervals.
Note: Octoparse is free for an unlimited number of pages if you don’t use the cloud service. However, if you need to run more complicated scraping tasks, it offers two more paid options — their Standard and Professional editions. Find a comparison of their paid plans in the table below.
Free Edition Standart Edition Professional Edition
Unlimited Web Pages
Full Featured Service
Limited number of tasks in the group: 100 Limited number of tasks in the group: 100
Cloud servers: 6 Cloud servers: 14
Cost: $89 per month when billed monthly or $75 per month when billed annually Cost: $249 per month when billed monthly or $209 per month when billed annually

Octoparse Support Options

Octoparse Support Options

Data you can scrape with Octoparse software

The range of possible data to scrape is quite wide and varied. With Octoparse, you can extract:
  • Text, links, image URLs,
  • Data from drop-down menus,
  • Posts, tweets, images, comments from social media networks,
  • Retail prices, promotions, SKUs, product descriptions, inventories,
  • Job listings by title, locations, or other parameters
  • Hotel prices, reviews, and ratings from travel websites,
  • Press releases, news, blogs,
  • And much more!
Octoparse scraped data

Benefits and drawbacks of Octoparse

Our review would not be comprehensive without pointing out the product’s pros and cons. Find them in the table below.
Pros Cons
Clean, user-friendly interface with a simple workflow panel Some time is required to set up the tool and start the first tasks
Ease of use, no need for special knowledge Customer support is not provided
Variable capabilities for research work Problems are solved with a delay
Reasonable pricing


To conclude, Octoparse software is a rich-featured, reasonably priced solution for scraping web data of various kinds. Using cloud servers allows data extraction 24/7, and data can be stored in the cloud. However, every out-of-the-box solution like Octoparse can be difficult at times to customize to match your business’s specific needs. That is why custom data scraping tools and services might work better for you. DataOx advises our customers and clients to help develop tailor-made data scraping solutions. To find out what will work best for your needs, schedule a free consultation with our expert.
Publishing date: Sun Apr 23 2023
Last update date: Wed Apr 19 2023